we cross all these moments when our emotions get the upper hand. positive or negative they are started by the various situations to which we are brought to cope with the daily newspaper.

however according to Chinese medicine, when we leave the feelings and the negative thoughts to take too much place, our body is found some deeply affected. it should be known that the metabolism reacts to the various emotions which we can feel.

the life puts to us daily vis-a-vis scenarios which can cause in us emotions such as the joy, the unhappiness, or anger. these last directly affect our body through the secretion of hormones, in particular serotonin and endorphin, so called hormone of happiness, or the cortisol, rather identified like the hormone of the stress.

In spite of what one could believe, these feelings are not unverifiable and we have some to be able of action on the manner of managing them. indeed, our manner of approaching the life plays a determining role on the place which one grants the various emotions which cross our body.

the hormones of happiness in a research undertaken by the iranien public newspaper of health, the scientists inquire into the various biological factors to take into account when it is of happiness and good health. through their analysis, serotonin seems hormones crucial in the regulations of our feelings and our wellness.

This neurotransmitter is in direct link with our emotions, and it acts on our feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and optimism. moreover, the most modern antidepressants would increase the production of serotonin in the brain to fight the effects of the depression. the second hormone which is the object of this study on happiness is the endorphin. through an analysis relating to the observations made during the international conference one chemical, biological and environment sciences, Dr. P.B Rokade explains why the endorphin is very similar to morphine on the level of its structure and its effects.

It is an endogenous peptide opioid which we have the ability to produce by ourself, it is just enough to know the elements releases of them. Dr. Rokade continues his analysis by explaining that many daily situations are sources of production of endorphin. he mentions in particular the physical exercise, the love, the chocolate, the laughter, the sex and the orgasms as of the key factors which lead directly to the secretion of this hormone in our body.

The hormone of the stress according to The Newspaper of the American Physical Therapy Association, cortisol is a hormone neurotransmitter with the properties anti-inflammatory drugs which also allows mobilizes glucose to produce energy. in situations of stress, this hormone maintains on the level of the brain the emotion related to our most alarming memories so that the body is conditioned to avoid potentially dangerous situations in the future.

However, this state of stress which can be beneficial short-term because it protects us in an indirect way, can be transformed into a state of constant stress by intensifying the cortisol secretion and by putting out of order its rate in the body. In addition, Britsh Society for Neuroendocrinology would have concluded that “the major depression costs each year more than 50 billions of euros only the United States, in the United Kingdom or France”, Indeed, this state of unhappiness often requires medical care when it develops in an extreme way, from where the importance of knowing protects its body from these negative emotions.

In an interview of the psychologist and psychotherapist Jeanne Siaud-Facchin granted to the review Psychologies, the latter advises the meditation while explaining, “the meditation of full conscience makes it possible instantaneously cause a drop in the cortisol rate (the hormone of the stress) in blood… In parallel, it starts the secretion of a whole cocktail of hormones which make good, such as oxytocin and endorphin. the physiological incidence is thus instantaneous” our glance on the life the equanimity, concept introduced by Marc Aurele during the stoical period, is a word which represents many values of which we can be inspired with the daily newspaper to balance our feelings.

Indeed, in his work thought for myself, this stoical philosopher calls upon the importance not to let himself affect by the situations which escape our control, and to build a balance which is specific to each one among us. to show equanimity means knowledge to control its emotions.

When you cope with a difficult situation, it is completely normal to feel unhappiness. however the place which this unhappiness will occupy in your life depends on you. either you decide to let these negative emotions get the upper hand on you, or you think that you are a strong person and that you refuse to let to you cut down.

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