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Coconut L-oil can make you appear 10 years young person when you use it during 2 weeks in this way Coconut oil is increasingly popular.

This tropical treasure has properties therapeutic remarkable appreciated more and more everywhere in the world. besides being an oil of very nutritive and delicious cooking, the coconut oil contains nutritive properties which hydrate the skin.

if you start to use it during only 2 weeks, you will look 10 years young person. The coconut oil prevents premature ageing.

the premature ageing of the skin is the result of the stress responsible for oxidation due to rays UV, the pollution of the environment and L-use of corrosive chemical products.

it goes without saying that the skin of the face is touched, because it is constantly exposed to the external environment.

The coconut oil can prevent premature ageing several manners. it is soft for the skin and constitutes one hydrating natural for the skin. when it is applied in thin layer, it can act like a physical barrier against dust and other environmental pollutants, while sealing the moisture of the skin. its antioxydant action reduced the oxidative damage.

it maintains the skin smooth and flexible by supporting the collagen formation. The coconut oil can reduce the wrinkles of the face The wrinkles and small wrinkles can waste the young appearance of the skin of the face.

Coconut oil can preserve the softness of the face by maintaining it without wrinkles. collagen, a protein structural in the internal layers of the skin, is what maintains the skin elastic and smooth, it can be degraded under the effect of rays UV, pollution, the tobacco and the wounds.

to boost its production is necessary to counter the effects of its degradation. it was noted that the coconut oil has the capacity to penetrate deeply in the skin. The triglycerides of oil attract the protein molecules, thus ensuring a fast repair of the layer of collagen.

without forgetting the antioxydants that it contains and which plays the part of barrier against the free radicals responsible for cutaneous ageing.

Coconut oil as cream of night You can improve quality of your skin if you start to use coconut oil instead of your cream of night. In this way, your skin will be hydrated, soft and will be rejuvenated.

Take 1 cup of solid coconut oil, ½ coffee spoon of oil of vitamin E and ¼ of oil coffee spoon of tree with tea and mix them with a blender.

Then, apply this cream the evening before you to sleep. Coconut oil for varicose veins If you suffer from varicose veins in your legs, you know at which point they can be dérangeantes.

Fortunately, you can use coconut oil to reduce their ugly appearance with a process 100% naturalness. It is enough to mass coconut oil on the affected area by the varicose veins and you will quickly find pretty legs thanks to the stimulation of blood circulation.

Coconut oil as cream for the hands the coconut oil is one hydrating incredible because of its wealth of vitamins A and E which fight against cutaneous ageing and while bringing hydration to the skin.

Thus you can use it to treat the dry hands. You should regularly apply coconut oil to your hands to profit from a soft and smooth skin.

Coconut oil as cream anti cellulite the cellulitis is another problem running for many women, who consist in having a skin with an aspect of orange peel.

However, the cellulitis can be naturally reduced with the use of the coconut oil. All that should make you is to make of the massages with coconut oil daily. This will make it possible to improve blood circulation and thus to reduce the aspect orange peel.

Coconut oil as natural cream of shaving the conventional cream of shaving is an expensive mixture of chemical products of which you do not have really need to obtain a shaving Net of your legs or your armpits.

On the other hand, the coconut oil is cheap, naturally anti microbics and releases a splendid odor.

Moreover, its properties alleviating for the skin will leave your hydrated and never fatty legs.

You must mix 2/3 of walnut oil and molten coconut oil cup of shea tree. Add then ¼ of olive oil cup. Then apply a little this mixture before shaving. This one will be facilitated and your skin will be hydrated by it.

Coconut oil as a polishing substance of the cuticles By massing coconut oil on your cuticles and the skin around your nails, you can bring hydration so necessary to part of the body often neglected.

Thus you will push back the damaged skin and will hydrate the breakable nails.

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