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How to deflate your belly and to remove your distensions An inflated belly is never pleasant to see nor to support.

Women with fat belly and stretch marks.

Indeed, the distension is a digestive disorder which can cause a simple discomfort or straightforwardly pains in the abdomen.

In this article, you will be able to know the various culprits of the distension as well as the natural remedies to put an end to it.

The abdominal distensions occur when the gastro-intestinal tract (GI) is filled of air or gas. Most people the distensions like a feeling of satiety describe, of diminishes or puffiness of the abdomen.

Your abdomen can also be swollen, hard and painful.

The abdominal distensions can harm your capacity to work and to have a normal social life. Which are the culprits of the distension?

Your intestine is system finely regulated which evaluates all that you launch to him and decides on the suitable action plan.

But you can avoid all that creates discomfort and circumvent the swelling of the belly completely. Fizzy drinks Bubbles in your drink mean bubbles in your belly, and if you do not eliminate them, you will end up being inflated.

Food intolerance If your intestine is not emptied correctly, a process of fermentation of not digested food starts in your digestive tract.

Hold a food newspaper and if you think of being intolerant with something, consult your attending physician. Stress When your body prepares to fight a stressing situation, it disables the digestive enzymes and the acids of the stomach which your body uses to break up the food.

Breathing by the mouth On average, people avalent three times more air while breathing by the mouth, especially during their sleep. Try to lengthen you on the side instead of your back, so that your head is not inclined and that your jaw does not subside.

Medical causes Other causes of distensions can be due to medical conditions like: the syndrome of the irritable colon (SCI), ulcerous colitis or the disease of Crohn, the heartburn, overweight, disorders of the food like the anorexia nervosa or mental bulimia like certain drugs.

How to deflate your belly naturally?

To sip of lemon flavored water If you are invited to an event, it is recommended to drink a few hours before water with fresh lemon and a little Cayenne pepper for a tonic anti-distension. If you suffer from ulcer or heartburn, avoid drinking lemon-flavored water.

The pepper Cayenne pepper stimulates digestion, eliminates gases and can relieve the pressure and cramps. But if you are pregnant, if you suffer from hemorrhoids or if you take an anticoagulant treatment, it is strongly advised not to eat cayenne pepper.

Take turmeric Like cayenne pepper, the turmeric is a detoxifying spice. It is often sold in the form of powder, but you can also obtain drops of turmeric and add a coffee spoon (under one or the other of the forms) to water, tea, fruit juices or a smoothie before a heavy meal.

However, this spice is not recommended to the pregnant women, with the people suffering from ulcer of stomach nor to those which take a treatment for a disease of blood.

Drink coconut water Besides water with lemon and cayenne pepper, to sip of the water of coconut, assistance to relieve the distension.

Turn into to ginger your friend The ginger protects and cures the intestines, accelerates the movement of food in the gastro-intestinal tract and retards throttle, the distensions and cramps.

It also awakes the taste buds and makes circulate the gastric juices. Prepare tea, a fresh fruit juice or a smoothie in which you include ginger. But if you are a pregnant woman, or if you are diabetic, it is desadvise to you consuming ginger. The weak people or who suffer from diseases of blood must also abstain from consuming this food.

And most effective is: change of lifestyle In many cases, the symptoms of the abdominal distension can be attenuated or even prevented by adopting some simple changes in your lifestyle.

Lose weight. To avoid the chewing-gum because it can lead you to swallow additional air, which can involve distensions. Limit your fizzy drink consumption, at best banish them.

Avoid the food which causes gases, such as vegetables of the family of cabbage, beans dry, the dairy products and the lenses. Eat slowly and avoid drinking with a straw.

The probiotics ones can also help to bring healthy intestinal bacteria. practic a regular physical-activity because it will help you to reinforce and stimulate the muscles of your abdomen and thus to put an end to any intestinal discomfort. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if this digestive disorder is accompanied by vomiting, weight loss or diarrhea or other worrying conditions.

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