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How to relieve the pain with the knee

the pain with the knee can be very unpleasant and concerns the people of any age and any physical condition. ageing , an intense physical-activity, certain traumas or inflammatory diseases, can cause us painful puffiness on the level of our articulations, in particular those of the knee.

in this article, we propose 7 natural remedies to you to say good-bye to your joint pains! the site and the intensity of the pain of the knee can vary according to the cause of the problem. this one can prove to be constraining and handicapping, then, to cure it, here a list of natural remedies which will be able quickly to relieve you.

the symptoms which accompany the pain with the knee Swelling and stiffness redness and feeling by heat on the level of the painful zone rustled weakness or instability of cracking incapacity to rectify the knee before continuing completely your reading, we make a point of recalling you that self medication is to be practiss with precaution.

then, if your knee does not support any more the weight of your, if swelling on the level of the articulation is marked, if you are unable to tighten or fold completely your knee, if you have fever besides rednesses, pain and puffiness, we advise you to consult U doctor as soon as possible.

7 natural remedies to relieve your pains with the knee cider vinegar Its alkaline effect to make it possible to reduce the accumulation of toxins to the level of the articulation and will increase articular lubrication.

that will make it possible to attenuate the pain and to improve mobility. You can add a cider vinegar soup spoon in a warm water cup and drink this mixture all the nights before laying down it.

you can also fill your bath-tub with warm water, add cider vinegar, and plunge your knee 20 to 25 minutes. another tips you can mix it with the coconut oil and mass the painful zone during a few minutes.

Olive oil The olive oil is famous for its properties analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. To reduce the ignition and to relieve the pain, you can daily use it like oils massage on the level of the painful zone.

for even more effectiveness, mix to it in quantity equal with cider vinegar, or made a paste by mixing it with cayenne pepper.

Let pose one hour then rinse. The turmeric Thanks to the Curcumin which it contains, the turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug which will effectively relieve the pain of the knee.

in a pan, mix a coffee spoon and half turmeric with the same quantity of ginger, add water glass and bring to a boil to average fire by leaving to simmer about ten minutes.

wait until the drink becomes tepid, to add a little honey drink this mixture twice a day. you can also add a soup spoon of turmeric in milk glass, make boil the whole during 5 minutes and let warm.

To add a little honey and once drink it per day. Cayenne pepper Thanks to the capsaicin, cayenne pepper will get a feeling of heat to you which to allow to reduce puffiness and to attenuate the pain.

Plunge your knee in a warm water bath mixed with a cider vinegar cup and a spoon and half of cayenne pepper during 20 minutes.

To make during a few days, once by day, until the pain disappears.

The ginger It is well-known, the ginger is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory drug. expenses, out of powder or essential oil, its effectiveness is not any more to prove.

in a pan, mix water glass with a half-spoon with coffee of ginger and a few drops lemon juice. leave to simmer a few moments and filter the whole. add a little honey and drink the mixture per day once.

you can also mix a vegetable oil soup spoon of your choice with two drops of essential oil of ginger to mass the painful zone.

The fenugreek Thanks to their action anti-inflammatory drug and heating, the seeds of fenugreek are an excellent way reduce the joint pains. Add 1 soup spoon of fenugreek in water glass, let infuse all the night. To filter then drink water dice the morning.

you can also manufacture a bandage house, while making roast 5 seed soup spoons of fenugreek. wait until that cools, crush them and mix them with a quantity of water sufficient of kind to form a paste.

Apply to your knee and let pose during one hour before rinsing with warm water. The compress cold use cold compresses to reduce puffiness and the ignition.

Indeed, the cold makes it possible to contract the blood-vessels and to reduce the pain. Wrap some ice floes in a clean towel and apply your to compress to the knee, several times per day.

Warning statement: The cider vinegar must always be diluted before being consumed.

The ginger is recommended to the weak people or who suffer from diseases of blood like to the diabétiques ones. The turmeric should not be consumed by the people who suffer from ulcer of stomach nor by those which are followed for a disease of blood or by the pregnant women.

Cayenne pepper is to be prevented in the event of hemorrhoids or if you follow an anticoagulant treatment and if you are pregnant.

The fenugreek should be consumed by the pregnant women or nursing neither by the people who take an anticoagulant treatment nor those which are allergic to groundnuts.

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