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When someone looks directly into your eyes during a conversation,

he is pointing that he is interested and he is paying a huge attention to every word that you are saying. Even though if looks away for a while that makes you feel threaten that he is planning some things that can hurt you.

In another way stopping that eye contact and moving eyes repeatedly may state that a person is distracted or uncomfortable or he is trying to hide his real feelings.

2. Lips movement
Some involuntary movements that happen within the mouth especially the lips are precise indicators of how a person feels.

When a person moves the lip up that may mean he is happy or feels optimistic. On the other hand moving the lips a little bit down may be an indication of sadness ; rejection or even hatred.

3 Hands or crossing the legs
This a clear indicator that this person is not interested of what he is listening to and he just wants to end up the meeting or any conversation.

Or also it means that person doesn’t have a desire to share any information about the topic that he is listening to and he is not comfortable in that sitting.

4 A quick look to the phone or to the mobile phone

Most people think that they can look to their phone or watch without being noticed by people around them but most of the time they get noticed from here when you look to your phone or watch the person who is talking to you will realized that you are not interested in what he is saying and you just want to finish it.

Body language refers to the nonverbal signs that we use to communicate. According to the experts in this field these signs make a big part in our daily communication from facial expressions to body movements all the things that we don’t say still can carry a big amount of information

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