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They said previously:  eye is a mirror of the person and it show up what is be hidden in, the scientists said look at your tongue  then  recognize  your health more than its color, flat touch, smooth or geographically .

every nature’s  tongue has  its safe or bothering  on health. Knowing your health require to considerate and watch your tongue in order to protect your self from diseases  without  know.

The prevailing is that people do not care to be careful about their tongues, including the changes that it may come on the form or a color of the tongue, but the scientists emphasize to true necessity to be attention to tiny details that could display a lot of about the healthy of persons. 

The British Newspaper (Daily Mail ) reported that the Chines Australian Doctor AFFINY Holland said, it is enable to extract many information of human’s  health from the volume of color, touch and from of tong , and she explained that there is:

a “schema of tongue” division to parts which everyone link to an other  part of human organs which make easy to discover signs of disease especially in Chines  Medicine.

Color of tongue

  The Chines Australian Doctor Holland explained  that the naturalist  color of tongue is rose or red light one, covered with white coat and she said it may tends a little to purple color in female’s  menstrual  period

Probably the color of tongue could be ‘’pale” in case that there is a shortage of vitamins and minerals in body which deployed between people they suffer from Anemia.

  In case the tongue if its change to red color and that means  high temperature  of body because of fever or high temperature linked with Menopause.

Form of tong

Many people may not observe the changes that come on form of the tongue, expect that Holland emphasize that “the light tongue”  can indicate a shortage of nutrients or  liquids in human’s body, in case the superfine tongue indicate to drought.

The class that covered the tongue

If the tongue contain a white superfine strata , this means is right and natural, but if there was not a strata which indicate to drought tongue.

The yellow drought  tongue means thigh temperature in body. Whenever the color is more intensity the temperature becomes more high,  and it may mean the body inflammation or accumulation of bacteria or other disorders.

In case if the tongue was gray or illuminated to the pod, that pointing to ‘’Recession’’ and flow of energy, blood and liquids in body.

The surface of the tongue 

The tongue can contain protrusions and cracks, also shown probably some healthy problems  and the protrusions been diagnosed exactly where it is and how it is specifically in the tongue, for example , the protrusions it may come In the top the tongue  sign of a bacterial or viral infection or potential allergic reacted to medicines.

While deep cracks in the middle of the tongue indicate that the patient amenability to digestive problems, in case sores may causes  body dysfunction.

As  for the  tongue named by ‘’geographic tongue’’  which has white layer forms on it  like ‘’patch’’  it may causes heat in the stomach and it can appears as reflux in the esophagus  forms.

As such the tongue that contain external protrusions means fluid retention in the body .

For this if you did not have enough time to check out your tongue , then you have few second in every morning to wash your teeth in order to rest on your health, also you must initiate treatment if you see any change in its color, forms or feels.

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