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– cinnamon looks after all that does not go in your body Used since of the centuries by medicines traditional Chinese and ayurvedic , honey and cinnamon abounds in therapeutic virtues which make popular ingredients of them to fight many diseases.

Completely natural remedies, they are easy to include in your daily newspaper, and once you will have observed the benefits of them, you will not be able to any more to pass some you!

Although they do not replace the enlightened opinion of a doctor, the remedies containing natural ingredients are a considerable asset in the treatment of minor disorders of health. Indeed, food like honey and cinnamon grow in popularity thanks to their effective action, which makes the subject of many scientific studies of it.

According to The Iranian Newspaper of Medical BASIC Science, honey occupies a place essential within traditional medicines and its antibacterial properties would have been recognized for the first time in 1892 by the Dutch scientist Van Ketel.

In a pure state, it contains more than 200 substances of which glucose and the fructose, calcium, potassium, magnesium, as of the fructo carbohydrate which would be agents probiotic making it possible to treat many infections. Associated with the cinnamon which shares the same antibacterial properties, this mixture becomes extremely effective to cure many evils.

Moreover, the benefits of cinnamon do not stop there; this very old spice has anti fungicide properties, as well as powerful effects against the cardiovascular and gastric disorders.

Here thus a list of diseases on which these two ingredients have a terribly effective action! Indigestion For the digesting troubles which disturb you with the daily newspaper, cinnamon is an ally of weight thanks to its antioxydant properties and anti-inflammatory drugs which can prevent many gastric problems.

Thanks to a bearing exhaustive report on the results of many studies in-vitro and in-vivo, cinnamon was identified like an ingredient with the toxic and undesirable effects tiny.

Cholesterol high rate According to a study conducted by The Newspaper of Lipids in Health and Disease, a clinical trial on 116 subjects reached of the metabolic syndrome would have led to conclusive results on the cholesterol level of the patients following 16 weeks of daily cinnamon ingestion.

Moreover, one second studys uggere that honey in substitute of sugar would be also effective in the prevention of cholesterol among women. Cardiovascular disorders As explains it the Nutrients science magazine, honey and cinnamon present many benefits to the level of the metabolism of the lipids and regulation of the rates of glucose.

Their properties anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxydant, hypoglycemic, hypo lipemia, and protective of the pancreas reduce the risks of the metabolic syndrome which is the precursor of the cardiovascular diseases.

Bad breath honey and cinnamon having both of the antibacterial properties, their combination represents an effective remedy in the treatment of the bad breath due to the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.

In addition, the cinnamic presence of aldehyde in cinnamon is what grants its perfume and its spiced taste to him. Urinary infections the urinary infections are part of the bacterial infections most common and present more risks for the women because of their urethra which is shorter than that of the men, and thus more accessible to the pathogenic bacteria.

A study was thus interested in the urinary infections in the pregnant woman and discovered that the antibacterial properties of honey were not only effective, but that they presented less danger to the woman and the foetus that the antibiotic catch during the pregnancy.

Acne If the ugly buttons annoy you with the daily newspaper, the antibacterial properties of honey and cinnamon can be to you beneficial. Used by a myriad of people throughout the world, their virtues on the skin in particular made it possible to treat the pustules and eczema.

Their benefits are checked today by the scientists who confirm that the combination of these two elements could lead to an effective action against the bacteria responsible for the acne.

Arthritis Thanks to its properties anti-inflammatory drugs, cinnamon makes it possible to relieve the joint pains. A study comparing the effects of this ingredient on two groups of women reached of rheumatoid arthritis would have observed a reduction in the articulations painful and swollen at the end of 8 weeks of treatment.

Cutaneous disorders As The Newspaper of Cosmetic Dermatology explains it, the antibacterial properties of a product are vital in the treatment of cutaneous disorders. The scientists identify honey like an ingredient rich in virtues to treat or relieve the wounds, the burns, like a multiplicity of other conditions, in particular the films, the psoriasis and the prevention of séborrhée as well as the disorders of the scalp.

Warning statements:

Cinnamon should not be taken in strong amount, because it can cause damage with the liver and the kidneys. If you follow a medical care or if you are pregnant, it is strictly advised not to consume of cinnamon.

In cutaneous application, cinnamon must be used in modest amount, because in great quantity, it can cause burns of the skin. It is preferable to consume an organic honey such as lavender honey or of Eucalyptus. Avoid giving honey to the children of less than one year because that is likely to cause the infantile botulism.

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