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This mouth wash eliminates the dental plaque in 1 minute

This mouthwash eliminates the dental plaque in 1 minute only One from the first things which one notices at a person is generally his smile, and due, of the white and clean teeth inevitably attract the glance.

Asset of seduction or keep silent-the love, oral hygiene can easily tip the scales on the bad side when she is neglected.

Here a mouthwash makes house which will make you smile of all your teeth! The bad habits tend to be encrusted in a very subtle way in our daily newspaper.

These gestures which one thinks inoffensive of the first access install quickly in our routine, until the day when we are vis-a-vis the mirror, forced to note the damage of them.

Indeed, oral health is essential bus not-maintained, it carries out straight to health problems.

Formation of the dental plaque One does not pay inevitably attention to it, but these are the bad reflexes that one adopts without reflecting which leads to the preoccupations with a health on the long-term.

Did you know that more than 500 species of different bacteria compose the dental plaque which is installed on your teeth? If this figure does not frighten you, anything else will not reach that point.

The dental plaque is a complex biofilm which is installed gradually on your teeth. It consists of the adhesion of initial colonizers to enamel, followed by the inter-bacterial matter adhesion which leads to the formation of the plate at the origin of the decays and the diseases parodontales.

Doctor Sébastien Trudel, Api dental group member, address some daily advices to follow to prevent the formation of the dental plaque:

To brush its teeth systematically after each meal To avoid food sweetened such as the delicacies, fizzy drinks, etc To avoid the tobacco addiction which is one of the main causes of this problem regular Visits in the dentist to eliminate excess from tartar the bicarbonate of soda,

the principal ingredient of the mouthwash primarily Made up of bicarbonate of soda, this mouthwash fact-house will be your ally in the combat against the dental plaque, which destroys your teeth on long run.

This ingredient with the antibacterial properties can be used several manners, in particular to maintain a hygiene oral healthy. Indeed, the bicarbonate of soda is a frightening agent in the prevention of the bad breath and the decays due to the presence of bacteria.

According to a study gathering the results of five different clinical trials, the brushing of the teeth using toothpastes containing of bicarbonate of soda proved much more effective in the elimination of the dental plaque compared to toothpastes which were deprived by it.

This research which relates to 270 patients observed a consequent reduction in the tartar responsible for the formation of the plate. In addition, it makes it possible to bleach the teeth and to remove the spots which tarnish them.

As a study published by The Newspaper of Clinical Dentistry testifies some, the bicarbonate of soda would allow an effective bleaching of the teeth as well as the elimination of the extrinsic spots which appear on the surface.

How to prepare a natural mouthwash? Ingredients: 1 bicarbonate of soda soup spoon ½ coffee spoon of salt 1 coconut 1 oil coffee spoon packs cool water ½ tepid cup of water necessary Equipment: A brush with tooth a toothpick a cup Instructions: Initially, mix salt with bicarbonate of soda and the coconut oil in a cup.

Then, humidify your brush with teeth with tepid water and spread out the mixture in the same way that you use your toothpaste.

You brush the teeth during approximately 2 minutes in a soft and not-aggressive way. Once finished brushing, you rinse the mouth during 60 seconds with tepid water. Use your toothpicks to remove the tartar which was encrusted between your teeth and rinse then with cool water.

Carry out this operation per week once. It is very important to brush you the teeth three times per day to maintain a good hygiene oral. Also do not forget that the stimulation of salivary glands is important because those have disinfecting properties natural.

WARNING STATEMENTS: To note however that the excessive use of salt and bicarbonate of soda can damage dental enamel. It is then advisable to use them with moderation and not more once per week.

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