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is it what cholesterol, and which is its function?

A substance essential to the operation of the body, cholesterol is a grease which is declined in two categories: the blood cholesterol, naturally secreted by the liver, and the food cholesterol which is present in food.

In both cases, cholesterol plays an essential part for the operation of the human organism since the body uses it to build cellular walls, and to manufacture the vitamin D (necessary to the fixing of calcium on the bones).

Thus, it contributes to the cellular life, the production of hormones and gastric juices. In normal amount, it takes part in the manufacturing of the cells of the brain, the heart, the skin, the muscles, the liver, the intestines, etc Without cholesterol, the human body does not function normally.

However, a too great quantity of “bad cholesterol” in blood circulation can lead to serious health problems, like the cardiac diseases, the stroke and the diabetes.

From which does cholesterol come?

Most people think that cholesterol present in blood circulation comes from the food. In fact, the major part of blood cholesterol is naturally produced by your liver, the rest is absorbed by your organization which extracts it from food containing of food cholesterol.

Food cholesterol finds in food of animal origin, like the dairy products, the egg yolks, the poultry, the red meat and certain types of Shellfish and shellfish. The food which comes from the plants, like cereals, the fruits and the vegetables, can contain a negligible food cholesterol content.

Knowing that Your body carries out a exercise of stabilization to maintain your cholesterol blood at a healthy rate.

If you consume rich foods in cholesterol, your body compensates naturally by decreasing the quantity of cholesterol produced by your liver.

If your food mode does not provide you much cholesterol, your liver then increases its production of cholesterol to meet the needs for your organization. Which are the types of cholesterol? Present in the wall of the cells, cholesterol gives them flexibility and force.

It also ensures their protection vis-a-vis the external aggressions. There are only one cholesterol but two transportation systems of cholesterol in blood: (cholesterol HDL) known under the name of “good cholesterol”, because they recover cholesterol in excess of your blood while bringing back it to the liver so that it is eliminated there as a waste, which contributes to prevent the accumulation of plates in your arteries.

And it (cholesterol LDL) known under the name of “bad cholesterol”, because in too great quantities in your blood circulation, they can accumulate on the walls of your arteries and form plates which little by little stop the arteries what can cause a heart attack, a stroke or a sudden death.

Which are the causes of the hyper cholesterol ? The reasons being able explained your hyper cholesterol are multiple, even if a food too rich in grease appears in first position. Indeed, an excessive consumption in animal fats or an excess of contribution in saturated fatty-acids influences directly your cholesterol level.

At certain people, genetic and hereditary predispositions can support a disorder of the cholesterol , just like certain renal, thyroid or hepatic pathologies which make fluctuate the cholesterol level. To also note that certain oral contraceptive drugs, diuretic, cortisone… can cause a rise in the cholesterol level.

As of other bad habits of life contribute to make assemble the cholesterol level like the tobacco addiction, the consumption of alcohol, the lack of physical-activity, and obesity.

How to maintain a cholesterol rate ideal? Cholesterol in excess in the organization is dangerous for health.

However the secrecy of the prevention can be done by the follow-up of these advices: To adopt a healthy and balanced food: you should adopt a balanced food mode including a variety of nutritive food such as the fruits and vegetables since They contain in particular antioxydants, which prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and avoid the formation of plates in the arteries.

As well as the complete cereals which should appear daily in your menu; To choose your fat: It is necessary to avoid the excessive contributions in saturated greases and to privilege the fat contributions known as “unsaturated” in the food. In kitchen prefer certain vegetable oils which make it possible to increase good cholesterol such as olive oil or soybean oil… ;

To do sports: The practice of a physical-activity makes it possible to decrease bad cholesterol and especially to increase good cholesterol.

To go, run, swim… with you to choose the activity which is appropriate to you, on condition that practicing it regularly at least 30 to 45 minutes per day; To control your weight: an overweight supports the cholesterol excess. Contrary, when one loses weight the rate bad cholesterol drops and the rate of good cholesterol increases.

a simple small weight loss associated with an adapted and regular physical-activity enables you to improve your health status. To stop smoking and consuming alcohol: If this measurement is an essential gesture to prevent cardiovascular problems, it should be known that the tobacco addiction the consumption of alcohol reduces also the rate of good cholesterol

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