Here a simple base of receipt that you can personalize by adding natural eyes and a perfume to the choice

Here a simple base of receipt that you can personalize by adding natural dyes and a perfume to the choice.

PREPARATION 1. Clean well (even sterilize with alcohol) a small container.

Suggestion: have fun to recover small unusual containers: a box of pastilles or contact lenses, a small jam jar or an old tube of red lips.

2. Dissolve the three basic ingredients with the bain-marie, as well as honey, if necessary.

3. Out of fire, add essential oils or the optional fragrances. To color the balsam with beet juice, it is the moment: it is quickly necessary to emulsify the mixture at the time oil solidified.

4. In the chocolate alternative, add cocoa powder, which Marie well with the coconut butter.

5. The addition of the conservative is advised as soon as an aqueous ingredient is added, like the beet juice.

6. Quickly pour the preparation in the containers while it is still liquid. It takes in a few moments the consistency of a solid balsam to spread out with the finger.

Biologist of formation, Cécila Boutry holds a shop of oils essential and cosmetic ingredients in Lille called Flowers & Bottles.

Here its receipt for a cream of green day and hydrating! Flowers & Bottles is a shop of aromatherapy, cosmetic ingredients and phytotherapy located at the entrance of Old Lille. For more information, visit Flowers & Bottles.

PREPARATION 1. In a first container resistant to heat, to mix water, benzoate and the sorbet . In a second container resistant to heat, to mix the oil of rice sound, the oil of jojoba and emulsifying wax.

2. To place the two containers at the bain-marie until the wax is entirely molten.

To pour the mixture slowly waxes + oils in the water mixture + preserving while whipping highly, preferably with a plunging blender.

3. To withdraw bain-marie, to add the essential oil of lavender and to continue to whip until the emulsion is thickened and stable. To pour in a pot.

4. I’ used 5% of Emul wax. You can use another emulsifying wax “oils in water”, but in this case, it can be necessary to change proportioning – follow the indications of use. Soft but exfoliating for the skin, this gumming with the lawyer core will come to hydrate and sublimate your skin. This receipt is drawn from the book Sharp the peelings of Julie Soucia, published with the editions Tanned.

PREPARATION 1. Preheat the oven with 180°C (th.6)

2. Rinse and dry the avocado core. Grate it finely. Lay out râpures on a piece of baking paper then make desiccate them during 10 minutes with the oven.

3. Dissolve the shea butter to the bain-marie. Out of bain-marie, add the core grated then coarse salt, mix. Let cool then book with the refrigerator until the preparation thickens, mix from time to time.

4. Apply a walnut to the wet skin, while proceeding by circular massages. You soap then rinse.

5. Preserve at the refrigerator. Nothing of such as a good bath scented to slacken in the end of the day! This receipt is drawn from the book Cosmetics to do everything oneself appeared with the editions Tanned.

PREPARATION 1. To mix to it (S) salt (S) in a container out of glass with the corn starch and possibly powdered milk.

2. In another container, to mix vegetable oil with essential oil. To gently pour this preparation in the container out of glass and to mix well.

3. To add the possible micas and to mix. If petals are put, to add them to last moment

4. To put 4 C. at S. or a handful of salts in the bath.

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