The deformation of the bone of the big toe is a well-known phenomenon of many people

It is not only about one aesthetic problem: in fact, this deformation does not deform only your foot, it is also source of discomfort and pain while going.

For a long time, modern medicine wondered:

How to avoid resorting to the surgery to only remove this defect in a few months. We finally found a remedy! Until now, only effective drug against onions was the surgery, but this expensive and painful process did not offer 100% of warranty to recover a normal foot.

In 39% of the cases, the problem reappeared a few years later. For those which worried to have recourse to these extreme methods, the experts developed a special separator for the big toe: “ Valgomed . It is intended to decrease the traumatic effects in the foot and thus to stop the pain and the ignition.

The device is made of silicone and adapts to the foot, reproducing its anatomical form, and sealing the articulation hermetically, then allowing a uniform distribution of the weight of the body while working, stopping the progressions of the disease and the pain: in a few months only, the foot finds its natural position. A study made up of 1500 participants showed that a daily use of Valgomed” completely eliminates onions in a few months only, whatever the state of the foot.

PROVE CLINICALLY! In 97% of the cases, the deformation of the big toe disappears completely in only one month. To arrive at the desired therapeutic effects, Valgomed must be used between 6 to 10 hours per day. More it is carried, better will be the results.

Its use does not cause any discomfort nor unpleasant feelings and it can be carried under shoes, in an invisible way.

Remember that it is a hereditary deformation: so members of your family suffer from Hallux Valgus, you will suffer from it probably too. As of the first signs, we recommend to use Valgomed to prevent it.

It is also recommended to the people with the flat feet or often carrying uncomfortable or narrow shoes (especially women which carry high heels). In 2014 Valgomed was recognized as a large projection in the treatment of onions. Its launch made fall surgical operations of 70%.

There are similar products nowadays, but their effectiveness in comparison with Valgomed is minimal. In order to avoid the counterfeits, we recommend to order on the official site of the manufacturer.

It is the only place where you will be able to have certified products and medical warranties.

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