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a tree which one exclusively finds there Berber women, Argan oil is used since for much of

What Argan oil? ITS PROPERTIES Drawn from the fruit of the Argan, a tree which one exclusively finds in Morocco and in Algeria, Argan oil is used since centuries by the Berber women, in kitchen but especially in their receipts of beauty. The secrecy has crossed the Mediterranean for a few years. Argan oil is an invaluable oil with the many virtues.

For a use in cosmetic, it is in a hurry cold, which makes it possible to preserve all its propriétés.

SES BENEFITS Argan oil is particularly rich in antioxydants (acid oleic and linoleic acid) and in vitamin E (tocopherols), among good of other elements. That makes a product exceptional anti-age of it.

Better than that, argan oil hydrates the skin and gives again to him elasticity, it gives brightness to the hair and strengthens them, as well as the nails. It is also healing and nutritive, which makes it very useful to help its face to face the external aggressions, in the event of brands left by buttons of acne or chicken pox for example.

Benefits of argan oil for the peauCONSEILS Of USE Argan oil hydrates, softens and hardens the skin; it also prevented its drying. It is used pure, in particular in massages, but you can for example coat you argan oil at the exit of the shower.

If you have the very dry skin, make it even half an hour before your shower and let oil act! Nutritive, argan oil calms the sunstrokes. Healing, it can help in the event of acne or of cracks. If your child has just had chicken pox, it will enable you to make some disappear the traces.

SYNERGIES for the desiccated skins: absolute essential oil of jasmine, essential oil of néroli. Benefits of argan oil for the hair CONSEILS Of USE The nutritive properties of argan oil make allied your hair of them, particularly if they are dry and dull.

Used in after-shampoo or capillary mask, it will give again force and vitality to them, will make them bright and brilliant. This oil can also help to make disappear the pellicules.SYNERGIESPour to give again force and brightness with your hair: Rhassoul, essential oil of Néroli. Against the films: vegetable oil of sapote, essential oils of Bay Saint-Thomas, cade, erased eucalyptus, geranium, bay-tree, Palmarosa, tea tree. Against the forked hair: essential oil of lavender.

Benefits of argan oil for the visageCONSEILS Of USE Argan oil is known for its virtues anti-age, from the many antioxydants which it contains. On the face, you can use it the night to fight against cutaneous ageing and to regenerate the skin. In day, argan oil will protect your skin (and your lips) from the external aggressions. You can completely add a few drops of argan oil to your cream habituelle.

SYNERGIES oposit the wrinkles: essential oil of cistus, pink and bois de rose. In the event of chapped lips: essential oil of rosemary. Against the acne: important oil of geranium.

Benefits of argan oil for the onglesCONSEILS Of USE Applied directly to the nails, argan oil causes to strengthen them. It thus is particularly indicated in the event of breakable nails.

You can quite simply regularly plunge your nails in an argan oil bath. Another solution used by the Moroccan women: coat your nails of a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice then slip on food gloves and let act all the nuit.SYNERGIESPour to strengthen the nails: juice of lemon biological, essential oil of citronet oil essential Ylang-Ylang .

how to choose argan oil? Take care to choose a biological argan oil, 100% pure, virgin and natural, but cold so in a hurry. Attention especially not to confuse edible oil and cosmetic oil. Argan oil is the object of an IGP – Protected Geographical ascription, thus choose an oil which carries this name.

Where to buy argan oil?

In the specialized stores and biological, in parapharmacie and on Internet, by always checking its composition. Three receipts beauty house with the oil of argan serum ANTI-ÂGE To revitalize the skin: It is enough for you to mix 30 ml of argan oil with 10 drops of essential oil of pink and to serve to you daily as this serum.

You will be astonished by the speed with which your skin will find its elasticity! RECEIPT FOR A CAPILLARY MASK WITH ARGAN OIL For hair in full form: Start by mixing 2 argan oil soup spoons with 5 soup spoons of rhassoul then add medicated water of orange blossom.

Once desired consistency obtained, apply to all your hair (slightly wet or dries) and let pose about fifteen minutes. And you wash rinse the hair with a soft shampoo. The result of this Eastern receipt will astonish you! RECEIPT FOR A MASK TIMES For a bright face: Water white clay in a little rose water to obtain a rather thick paste, then add 2 drops of essential oil of pink and 2 argan oil soup spoons.

Apply to the face (by avoiding the contour of the eyes) and let pose about ten minutes before rinsing with tepid water. For a feeling of freshness, you can supplement this ritual of beauty by applying a little rose water with a cotton.

Risks, precautions and counter-indications of argan oil Except allergy to the one of its components, argan oil does not present counter-indications.

Pay attention however if you have an anticoagulant treatment, because it is possible that it increases the effets.MODE OF CONSERVATION by them Cosmetic argan oil is preserved up to six months, safe from the light, in a dry and fresh place, even with the fridge in the event of strong heats.

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