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Dry skins, fatty or irritated skins

To fight against the misdeeds of the sun or cutaneous ageing, with each skin its organic vegetable oil! Oil of avocado to the raspberry oil via the INCA inchi, discover how to locate itself among these miraculous oils.

Skin dries: use vegetable oils For a dry skin, all oils are appropriate or almost. Avocado the oil, argan oil, wheat the germ, the sweet almond, or the borage, in particular, are particularly nutritive. These oils will make as a film which will protect the dry skins and will regenerate them.

Obviously, each one must find its product. Difficult indeed to predict in advance which type of oil will be appropriate particularly for each one. Each skin is different and especially felt each one is different! A cream inevitably will not like everyone, even adapted to its type of skin.

It is thus necessary to be listened! Irritated skin? Oils alleviating with the rescue For can irritated, one will support alleviating oils, often rich in Omega-3, a kind of very interesting fatty-acid to calm the ignitions. These oils will thus help to restore the film hydrolipidic.

Some examples? The dodder (to treat eczema), INCA-inchi, the oil of cranberry (very soft and alleviating) or the raspberry oil. Penetrating oils for the fatty skins with trend In the case of is a skin with fatty trend, better worth to choose rather penetrating oils, as the oil of jojoba, the oil of date palm of the desert, or, hazelnut the oil, relatively dry with the application.

FOR the SKINS ACNE SUFFERERS? Does one have to advise vegetable oils with people who suffer from acne? Yes, but with small amount. One will privilege dry and stable oils with oxidation. Why? Because the blackheads are indeed pores stopped by an excess of sebum, which oxidizes in contact with the air (what gives the black color).

When one applies an oil to the skin, it will form a light film which mixes with the sebum. On a skin tending to the comedones, oil can thus mix with the sebum which stops the pores and if it is very sensitive to oxidation, it is likely to also support the oxidation of the sebum and thus the formation of the blackhead. In short, it is the vicious circle.

For the skins acne sufferers or tending to the comedones, better is then worth to use oils not very sensitive to oxidation, and not too film forming (avoid butters): jojoba, date palm of the desert, nigella will be well adapted! The oil of musky pink to fight against ageing For the mature skins, nothing of such as an oil able to prevent ageing.

The musky pink, rich carotenoids and thus very regenerating, is famous to make miracles on cutaneous ageing (very damaged skins, because of tobacco, of sun etc). For the mature skins, oils of onager or borage are also recommended

. Another option: one can crack for the oil of cranberry or cherry, rich in antioxydants and fatty-acids essentiels.ASSOCIER oils it OILS ACCORDING TO OUR DESIRES One can completely combine these oils emulously. Two, three or four oils, not more.

(With 2 to 4 oils, one can make good synergies for all types of skins and problems, and that makes it possible to have each oil in sufficient quantity so that it has a useful effect).

To associate in particular allows to modulate the touch of an oil which one finds too fatty. An example: one can interfere oil germ of wheat with the oil of jojoba for a touch a little more penetrating.

To mix oils can also soften an odor which one considers too strong.

In this case, one will associate a little odorous oil with oils of date palm of the desert, of camellia (of which the odor is rather neutral), of sound of rice (with the virtues anti-age), of cherry or apricot.

There is no “magic” combination, each one can make associations according to its needs, its tastes and its desires while mixing with oils whose properties correspond to its skin and its problems, the desired touch, the odor that one appreciates (the side “pleasure” is important in cosmetic).

The oil of karanja before and after an exposure to the sun Certain oils are useful before and after an exposure to the sun, but attention, without to be able to replace the sunscreen.

The oil of karanja, with the index of protection proven, is for example a good oil to be incorporated in a care of day. Other oils, as those which are rich carotenoids, help to protect from the damage of the sun and support even bronzing, as the oil of buriti (Portugal) or oils it of argousier (very orange, therefore to dilute).

Other examples?

Sesame oil, of raspberry and the oil of cherry, which offer a light protection before and after an exposure to the sun, in soin.UNE OIL FOR ALL the SKINS? THE APRICOT OIL! The apricot oil, finally, is ideal for all the skins. Nutritive, it is also very interesting for the care of the body, or in massage.

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