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psammatothérapie with Merzouga or sand bath

The psammatothérapie, do you know?

The psammatothérapie or the arénothérapie or the sablothérapie or the curative burial in sands or baths of sand are an alternative medicine which is addressed to the people suffering from rheumatisms.

It is acted in fact literally of baths of sand, i.e. to bury itself a few minutes in the very hot sand of the dunes of Merzouga. Even if this practice more often relates to the buildings, there exists nevertheless true tourism related to health with Merzouga.

Practical ancestral with the multiple virtues, the sand treatment bath would be effective against rheumatisms, the polyarthritis, the lumbagos and certain skin diseases.

The Africa inn proposes its knowledge to make since many years in the reception and the accompaniment of the “bathers”, so that the sand bath is carried out under the best conditions.

Indeed, this treatment (or game for some) cannot be made at any time of day, and a visit preliminary near the doctor of Merzouga is required, because the sand bath cannot be practised in certain cases (certain cardiac diseases or forms of asthmas, diabetes).

The sand bath is practised between the months of June and September, when sand is with hottest.

The sand bath is a care practised since of the centuries to fight the pains due to rheumatisms and other problems of back, but also of overweight.

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