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the sesame oil ITS PROPERTIES Sesame holds a record: it is the oldest plant from which an oil was extracted.

Macro view of sesame seeds in flax sack and glass bottle of sesame oil on mat isolated on white background

It was in Mésopotamie, 3,500 years ago! Today cultivated in Asia and Africa, sesame is an oleaginous plant, of which the seeds are used for the manufacturing of the huile

SES BENEFITS Rich person in essential fatty-acids, sesame oil regenerates and softens the skin. The vitamin E, lecithin and the sésamoline are as many natural antioxydants which use the composition of sesame oil and will thus protect the skin from cutaneous againg, particularly in the event of exposure to the sun.

It is always advised to have sesame oil at home: in addition to its cosmetic properties, it relieves, in massages, the joint pains. Benefits of sesame oil for the peauCONSEILS Of USE Regenerating, softening and hydrating, sesame oil is appropriate particularly for the irritated or desiccated skins. It only applies or mixed with another vegetable oil.

One can also use it in care anti-age on the visage.SYNERGIES Pas de known synergies. Benefits of sesame oil for the cheveuxCONSEILS Of USE By hydrating the scalp and by supporting the blood microcirculation, sesame oil fights against the fall of the hair.

You can mass your scalp with a little huile.SYNERGIES Pas de known synergies. How to choose sesame oil? Choose a unrefined olive oil, cold, and if possible in a hurry resulting from a biological and equitable sector.

Where to buy sesame oil? In the parapharmacies, in the biological stores and on Internet.Trois receipts beauty house with the oil of sésameHUILE APRÈS-SOLEIL In repairing care of the evening: Mix 30 ml of sesame oil, 30 ml of argan oil, 25 ml of avocado oil, 25 ml of oil of jojoba, add 10 drops of essential carrot oil, 10 drops of essential oil of lavender and 10 others of vitamins E. Apply to the CAPILLARY corps.

Masque In care before shampoo: Mix 50 ml of sesame oil, 25 ml of coconut oil, 25 ml of oil of jojoba, 10 drops of vitamin E and 10 drops of essential oil of Bay Saint-Thomas. Mass the hair and the scalp, then let pose 30 minutes.

For the DYE To have good mine: Mix a powder soup spoon of urucum (roucou) in 100 ml of sesame oil then let rest two weeks before use (the morning). Risks, precautions and counter-indications of sesame oil

Attention not to confuse edible oil and cosmetic oil: for the first, the sesame grains are torefied , for the second, it is not the case and they preserve all their propriétés.MODE OF CONSERVATION With dryness, safe from the light and of heat.

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