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Vegetable oils

A vegetable oil is not other than a fat obtained starting from seeds or from oleaginous fruits (almond, walnut, pips or olives and avocados). In general, one privileges the vegetable oils obtained by cold pressure (i.e. that at the time of the process, one does not heat the raw material not to denature it).

Vegetable oils are thus unrefined olive oils, i.e. that there no was refining after the pressure (not of additional processes). As for organic, the term refers to a certification of the products, which correspond to the specifications of the organic farming.

Does this one imply precise criteria of traceability, storage, etc Only one example? One will not find a solvent in an organic oil. Vegetable oils, to take care of its skin Vegetable oils organic are especially recognized to take care of the skin, to nourish it, soften it, protect it, but also to repair the cracks or to calm irritations. They also have virtues recognized against cutaneous ageing, they regenerate the skin and hydrates.

In cosmetic, the word to hydrate especially means to protect the skin against dehydration. The vegetable oil, which created like a film about the skin, can for example replace a crème.COMMENT TO APPLY THEM? Most oils are used pure on the skin.

Some typical cases all the same: better is worth to dilute the nigelle one and the bay of bay-tree, famous very powerful and aromatic, with another oil. A “neutral” oil (i.e. not a powerful or aromatic oil), for example jojoba, apricot, macadamia, sesame, hazelnut are good “basic” oils to dilute.

For all other oils, whose pure application is recommended, it is enough, after cleaning, to make some penetrate a few drops on a skin just dried. It is not necessary to put much of it. On the face: 4 to 5 drops are enough to avoid the too fatty, unpleasant aspect.

WHICH IS THE DIFFERENCE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS? It is sometimes difficult to make the difference and yet, essential oils do not have quite simply anything to see with vegetable oils. Essential oils are a concentrate of the aromatic compounds of the plants.

It are obtained by distillation with the steam and they are never used pure, but precisely diluted in a vegetable oil. Which are the counter-indications of vegetable oils? The counter-indications are very rare concerning this kind of oils. That arrives in the event of allergy to some compounds (hazelnuts, almonds or nuts in general).

Certain very specific, powerful and active oils, are also disadvised during the pregnancy, like the neem. There actually exists little of data on its use during the pregnancy, which explains why this very active oil is disadvised.

With which to advise vegetable oils?

Good news: one recommends organic vegetable oils in care of the skin to everyone, to the men and to the women of all the ages. They are also very interesting in massage and are better than the paraffin oils, resulting from oil (a bad point for the environment) and deprived of the virtues of vegetable oils organic.

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