What soap of Alep? ITS PROPERTIES 3,500 year old old man, the soap of Alep is quite simply the oldest soap of the world

Cooked with the cauldron, it is exclusively made up of water, natural soda, oil and bay olive oil of bay-tree. Its manufacturing is always artisanal, but the Syrian city of Alep is bombarded since the beginning of the war in Syria and the production was reduced considerably.

However, of the soap Masters, of Alep or besides, perpetuate this tradition and still manufacture it in an ancestral way. It then takes the soap name “of the Alep type”, since the genuine soap of Alep, struck of a seal in Arab letters, can be produced only in its town of origin.

This last still has a characteristic: it multiplies its credits into growing old! With the low word, a soap of Alep dries with the free air during nine months before being commercialisé.SES BENEFITS Thanks to the association of the bay and olive oils of bay-tree, the soap of Alep is at the same time disinfectant, purifying and alleviating.

It is used on the skin, the face, but also the hair. If the natural soda rate, which is used to solidify the soap, is always lower than 0,5%, that of bay oil of bay-tree largely varies, from 5 to 80%. To know is essential to choose its soap of Alep according to its type of skin: for the dry and sensitive skins, it must be ranging between 5 and 15%; for the mixed skins between 15 and 25%; for the fatty skins between 25 and 40%. A higher rate can be used on the skins with problems or to fight the films.

The soaps having higher the bay oil rates of bay-tree are logically more expensive. In all the cases, the soap of Alep brown is gilded, then green if you cut it into two. It releases a characteristic odor, of bay-tree and olive oil obviously. Benefits of the soap of Alep for the skin TIPS Of USE Used with the daily newspaper, like any soap, the soap of Alep associates the hydrating and softening properties olive oil and the purifying properties and disinfectants of the bay oil of bay-tree.

You can apply it a minute to your face. In addition to an in-depth cleaning, the soap of Alep preserves the film hydrolipidic of the skin. It can also replace shaving foam. Attention with choosing well your soap of Alep according to your skin, not to risk cutaneous reaction, and particularly if you have problems like the acne or the psoriasis.

synergy without known synergies. Benefits of the soap of Alep for the hair CONSEILS Of USE If you do not have the fatty hair, the use of the soap of Alep on your hair must be temporary, for example with the return of one stay to the sea, when they are inflated by salt.

If you have the fatty hair, the soap of Alep, used in shampoo (make foam it in your hands and apply) to the maximum twice per week, purifies the scalp and eliminates excess from sebum. It prevented them of regressed too quickly, so that you will space the shampoos. Always rinse your hair with water, possibly with a little cider vinegar for even more brightness.

To note that the soap of Alep is appropriate perfectly for the hair crinkly. synergy without known synergies. How to choose the soap of Alep? The soap of Alep is considered, which makes of it a target of the professionals of the counterfeit.

some soaps sold in the trade and on Internet contain additives like glycerin or animal grease, which will stop the pores and will cause irritations. It is thus essential to choose a soap of Alep 100% naturalness and made up exclusively of the above mentioned ingredients.

Also let us recall that the genuine soap of Alep carries an Arabic seal, who indicates his quality and the name of soap which manufactured it. Any salesman must moreover be able to provide you this information. A means of recognizing the true soap of Alep is to check that it floats well at water surface (except if it contains more than bay oil 50% of bay-tree).

Where to buy soap of Alep? In pharmacy or parapharmacie, in the specialized stores or on Internet. receipt beauty house with the soap of Alep made your soap of the Alep type if you control the process of cold saponification, you can manufacture your soap.

You will thus need 275 G of olive oil biological, 70 G of bay oil of bay-tree, 43 G of solid caustic soda and 112 G of mineral water. Incorporate solid caustic soda in water and in another bowl, mix the olive oil and the bay oil of bay-tree then make heat oils with the bain-marie, up to 40 °C, temperature which must also reach the phase water/soda. for oils in water and pass to the plunging blender to obtain a homogeneous paste. Run in a mould, recover and let harden during 2 days.

Turn out and let dry. Be careful (you use soda) and waits: you will have to wait at least a month that your soap dries before using it, ideal period of time so that it releases all its credits during nine months.

Risks, precautions and counter-indications of the living room of Alep In external use exclusively. Avoid the contact with the eyes . mode of of retention It is important to rinse its soap of Alep after each use, then to preserve it safe from the light.

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