What the honey of Manuka? ITS PROPERTIES Honey is very much used in cosmetic natural

in particular for masks. In this family, the honey of Manuka is very particular. Resulting from a shrub originating in Oceania and integral part of Maori traditional medicine, this “nectar of the gods” is rare, and thus expensive.

Indeed, its flowers open out only six weeks each year and the production of the honey of Manuka requires moreover particular hives, with the rather weak output.

It is possible that you find honey of Manuka “made in the USA” or Great Britain. Indeed, its success is such as the culture of the “ scoparium of leptospermum” developed on the other side of the channel and in addition to-Atlantique. some advises The honey of Manuka is initially powerful antibacterial, which explains why it is in particular advised to fight against the acne.

In fact, many studies showed that the honey of Manuka contains a molecule with the antibacterial powers higher than antibiotics (do not go therefore removing the number of your doctor of your contacts).

This molecule, the methylglyoxal , appears on the labels under initials UMF, or Single Manuka Factor.

The honey of Manuka is also anti-inflammatory drug and healing. Its content of flavonoid (of antioxydants) makes it still more effective against cutaneous ageing. Benefits of the honey of Manuka for the skin tips Of use To realize virtues of the honey of Manuka, it is enough to apply a fine layer of it to the face, to let act two hours, then to gently withdraw the surplus with a cotton.

You will be able to note that your skin is smoother, more luminous, and that your dye is unified. Hydrating and alleviating, the honey of Manuka fights, moreover, against ageing: delete or prevent the wrinkles thanks to a daily use.

You can completely mix this honey with your usual cream (count 1 then large drop for 50ml of cream in order to be able to emulsify). By applying honey of Manuka in mask to your rings during about twenty minutes and twice per week, they will disappear complètement.

SYNERGY for an action concealer : pure masks some or mixed with argan oil. Benefits of the honey of Manuka against the acne tips Of uses It was said, the honey of Manuka is initially antibacterial.

By eliminating the bacteria which develop in the open pores and around the follicules, it constitutes a treatment of shock against the acne, the more so as its healing properties and anti-inflammatory drugs help to make disappear the ugly brands and rednesses.

It is advised to use this honey in mask, to let pose about thirty minutes, at a frequency from two to three times per week.

The honey of Manuka is quite as effective for other problems of skin, like eczema, the psoriasis or the rosacea .

SYNERGIES for the skins acne sufferers: essential oils of Fragonia and palmarosa. Benefits of the honey of Manuka for the hair tips Of use The honey of Manuka brings hydration, softness and brightness with all the types of hair.

You have two ways of using it: in after-shampoo or mask capillaire.SYNERGIES for of the softer hair: olive oil. Benefits of the honey of Manuka for the nails tips Of use for more beautiful nails, you can also count on the honey of Manuka.

Take a coffee spoon and mix it with the same quantity of cider vinegar then apply the unit to your nails. Rinse at the end of ten minutes. synergy No known synergies . How to choose the honey of Manuka? The first selection criterion is the price.

That it is a very expensive honey, approximately 45 € should indeed be known the 250 ml. If you find honey of cheap Manuka, it is not really! Then, all honeys of Manuka do not have the same content of UMF.

This one is indicated on the label, by an index which can vary IAA5+ with IAA25+. The first means that honey contains 83 mg/kg of methylglyoxal. For a use in cosmetic, it is necessary to choose a superscript than 18, that is to say more than 696 mg/kg.

What will not prevent you from plunging your spoon of time there to other! Where to buy honey of Manuka? In the biological stores and on Internet. Three receipts beauty house with the honey of Manuka by our expert Julien Kaibeck, specialist in the natural beauty and author of the blog the essence of Julien no receipt of after shampoo for soft and silky hair: Mix a honey coffee spoon of Manuka and a soup spoon of freezing of aloe vera to obtain a foam, then mass the whole of your hair.

Let act CAPILLARY half an hour and rinse. mask for brilliant hair: Mix a coffee spoon of Manuka, a biological yoghurt soup spoon and, if you wish it, a pinch with coffee of cinnamon powder. Apply this mixture to your hair and let pose one hour before rinsing. You can once make this capillary mask per week, it is soft and invigorating at the same time .

GOMMAGE OF the LIPS For soft lips: Mix a large drop of honey with a small amount of fine sugar. Apply to your lips and carefully exfoliate all after having let act this balsam during five minutes. Risks, precautions and counter-indications of the oil of Manuka In external use, there are neither counter-indications, nor special precautions with prendre.

MODE OF CONSERVATION Preserve your honey of Manuka in its hermetically closed jar, with dryness and room temperature. If the weather is too hot, put it at the fridge.

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