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Which are the virtues health of date?

A good energy “refill” Under a rather low volume, the dates provide an appreciable energy contribution.

By consuming a small portion of 50 G Net of dates (that is to say 6 to 8 fruits, according to their size) one receives already nearly 150 kcalories, coming almost exclusively (with more than 96%!) from glucids.

The dates are thus the food of choice for muscular work (the glucids are the fuels of the muscle), and this more especially as they also provide vitamins of the group B (necessary to the glucidic metabolism).

They are fruits with advising for the sporting practice, in particular of long life (like the excursion on foot or to bicycle, the races in mountain, the ski touring, etc), and each time one must make great or prolonged physical efforts.

Taken in collation or integrated in a dessert, the dates, thanks to their high content in glucids, can also contribute to the good balance of the daily energy contribution.

Indeed, the lipids often occupy too much place in the food (they represent nearly 40% of the total energy contribution, whereas it would be preferable not to exceed 30 to 35%), and that to the detriment of glucids, to which one generally gives an insufficient place (they account for generally only 42 to 45% of the total energy contribution, instead of the 50 to 55% advised).

A mineral complement of choice It is as thanks to their contribution raised out of minerals as the dates take part in the good food balance. They are particularly rich in potassium, which is interesting for the sportsmen (for which the needs are increased), and the elderly people (who do not find any always enough in their food).

Their magnesium content and iron is appreciable, since a portion of 50 G date makes it possible to cover nearly 10% of the AJR*: however, these minerals are not always present in sufficient quantity in the food.

Lastly, they also contribute, although in a less measurement, with the cover of the requirements out of calcium, zinc, copper and manganese. Effective fibres The dates finally make it possible to very effectively reinforce fibre the contribution, often overdrawn today in the meals.

A portion of 50 G dates provides some more than 3.5 G, which accounts for practically 12 to 15% of the quantity recommended for the day. The fibres of dates, primarily insoluble, are very effective to fight against the trend with sluggishness of the bowels.

They in general are very well tolerated, especially when one consumes the varieties of the softest dates.

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