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how to take care of it this winter?


Tingling, dandruff, split ends … Even if the frost does not spare our manes, each problem finds its solution. The proof.

To soothe itching
When the scalp scrapes, it may be necessary to go for the reasons for the cap, or helmet for those who travel on two wheels.

Sweating in a confined environment is terrible for the scalp,” warns the hairdresser Olivier Lebrun. Repeated rubbing quickly causes itching. In winter, there is also a tendency to push the temperature of the hair dryer a little, or to use it more.

But sustained heat can dry out and irritate. Finally, even if it is not a seasonal phenomenon, it is necessary to think about the coloring: at the end of ten years, the scalp tires!

If ammonia has been banned from the products, there remain allergenic or irritating molecules in a conventional coloring. Not to mention that its pH (9.5) destabilizes that of the scalp, rather acidic (5).

The solutions: swapping his hat against a woolen headband. and if you ride a bike, give preference to aerated helmets. after shampooing, remember to pre-dry the hair with a microfiber towel before using electrical appliances.

As for the colorations, we can now consider plant formulas, more and more effective. otherwise, some hairdressers use a “primer” before coloring, to protect the scalp and reduce itching (Scalp Protect serum in nioxin, Chromate Prime in moroccan oil).

And while waiting for the irritation to subside, we favor the soothing formulas on a daily basis.

Mater the electric hair
If they play it free electrons, it is because their electric charge is opposed to that of clothes or objects (brushes and combs), mainly because of the ambient air, drier in winter.

The solutions: “you need to hydrate your hair more”, recommends hairdresser David Lucas. and avoid synthetic fabrics and reflexes that amplify the phenomenon: too energetic brushing, very strong drying … Against this last tic, one thinks of the smart cares which decrease the time of drying. And we’re investing in a state-of-the-art hair dryer that benefits from ion technology.

Stop the fall
If they fall by hand, they talk to their doctor, who may decide to check for thyroid deficiencies or imbalances. If the fall is less pronounced, it may be a seasonal reaction.

Temperature changes occur later and suddenly. “Today, many women lose their hair in November, not in September.

So, time to notice, to let a little drag the problem … and it is already January, “says the hairdresser Patrice Mulato.

Another track: our plate. Whether we tighten our belts to compensate for our recent abuses or that we have recently converted to veganism, it is possible that some deficiencies will cause the bulb to suffer.

Banishing eggs, butter and oily fish is not without effect on the hair … Slow growth and weakening at the end! Finally, this type of reaction drop can also be induced by punctual stress (big emotion, fatigue …), resulting in an inflammatory cascade, harmful to the hair cycle.

Solutions: Start (if possible) by reintroducing some of the foods that are eliminated and forcing them on those rich in iron and sulfur (oysters, mussels, shrimp and parsley).

ditto with vitamin B, to dip into cocoa and legumes. Vitamins, minerals and proteins are also added to the bulb with dietary supplements. not to mention to revitalize his scalp from the outside, by massaging it very regularly.

When it is too tight, the traffic is bad. it is made to take off and it is softened with the pulp of the fingers “, insists Patrice mulato. A massage to prolong ideally with the application of a lotion anti-fall.

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