Follow his example! With a flower in your hair, you will bring a nice touch of freshness to your look. Trust the power of flowers: guaranteed success.

“Gather, gather your youth, as this old age, will tarnish your beauty,” said Pierre de Ronsard to his beloved Cassandra. So follow his advice, pick the flowers and put on your hair before it’s too late! The star like Sarah Jessica Parker is already totally fans of this trend. On the headbands and barrettes, declined to infinity, stylized: adopt them! To avoid the kitsch faux pas or overload, discover below our hairdressing tips.

1: Have a light hand
Favor sobriety. To accessorise your hairstyle, only one flower is enough. No need to grow a whole field on your head!

2: Floral Styling
The flowers are particularly beautiful on long hair, whether dropped or raised. Choose small or large flowers depending on the volume of your hair. On short hair, avoid large tulle flowers that could break the harmony of your hairstyle. Better to stick to small combs decorated with flowers.

3: Say it with flowers
In hairdressing, most new trends lend themselves to floral accessories. Depending on where you place the flower in your hair, your style will express something different: a flower in a bun to radiate glamor, or a headband adorned with flowers in relief for a look with romantic charm.

4: The art of the floral hair accessory
A flower in your hair will be even more effective if you wear solid colors. In general, large floral prints, large tiles or bold color combinations are to be avoided: they divert attention and overload your look.

Stars bloom their hairstyles

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