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To rejuvenate, the choice of a good cut is important and must take into account the overall look, the shape of the face and especially the quality of the hair.

Because with age, hair density decreases, pro often advise to shorten the lengths. But cutting does not mean “everything” cut. Sometimes 10 cm less is enough to make all the difference.

If the hair has a beautiful volume and a still young material, we can consider keeping hair under the shoulders past 40 years, or even 50. However, it is not always necessary to attach them permanently.

Many people adore the bun, which camouflages lengths too thin. Certainly, he has a lot of class, but is also the symbol of a woman who is afraid to grow old without her long hair.

Do not see short hair as a loss, but as a new stage of femininity.

Skip to the short?
If you really want to cut them without knowing what to do, opt for a mid-length square. Thus, you are sure not to make odd, since it adapts to the greatest number.

The square is THE timeless cut par excellence, a classic that crosses the ages and ages without getting a wrinkle. In contrast, cuts to the boy or very long hair, must be well dosed to fit the shape of the face. They can indeed mark the features or tamp a silhouette, and thus age it.

Think also about the bangs. Well dosed, she is very woman and will not harden the face. Above all, it can hide apparent wrinkles.

On the sides of the head, however, it is better to ventilate the cup to bring light to the face.

Aim for perfection
The further you go in the spiral of age, the more important it is to call in an experienced hair stylist. He will be able to say afterwards which is the cut most adapted to a given face so that this one looks younger.

Whatever it is, it must be perfectly maintained. No more dirty roots, regularly zapped treatments, faded cuts and visible roots. We leave the grunge trend to young women, to tend towards glamor and ultra-femininity.

The secret of a good cup? Reduce volume and movement in the hair with a gradient and effects capped / disheveled, especially in the locks that frame the face. It’s necessary that it moves!

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