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How can I be sure of making myself understood by the hairdresser?

The way we express our desires is indeed paramount, especially if it’s the first time. “There is at least one tone or one and a half tones of difference between the vision of the client and ours,” says Romain. First, because we always imagine darker than we are Actually ; secondly because our imagination does not really correspond to the criteria of the pros: a chestnut, for us, it is rather clear; for the colorist, it’s very dark …

In this case, should we rely on a color chart? Roman remains skeptical for several reasons. “First, they are synthetic fibers; the final rendering will necessarily be different. Then, difficult to imagine all with a small strand of hair. Finally, it limits the possibilities, because the real panel includes 70 to 90 shades. “

In conclusion, the best thing to do is to come to the salon with a magazine photo. So, as soon as you flash on a color, keep the page!

Can I wash my hair the next day?
In theory, no problem. In practice, we prefer the washing formulas without sulfate to avoid stripping the fiber and let the pigments escape to the surface.

However, no pool for several days, especially if you have thinned or discolored and, anyway, even after, it protects his hair with a forming hair care under the bathing cap.

Be careful also with the sun: provide the coloring at least 3 days before departure and a hat on site.

Pregnant, I switch to plant coloring?

Yes, it is a good solution if the chemical ingredients of the classic products make you anxious and, especially, if a permanent coloring is not essential (for a radical metamorphosis, we will wait a little …).

The natural formulas are therefore perfectly indicated to boost the shine or to give pep with some reflections. We can also follow the advice of Romain: “I propose to my pregnant clients a light scan: there, the color does not absolutely touch the scalp. “

This is an opportunity to try the shaded, since the technique is to light the lengths on their last third. But everything is a matter of personal choice, because current regulations do not recommend pregnant women to avoid these products.

I hesitate between two tones, how do I decide?

At the hairdresser, we trust the eye of the colorist. In the supermarket, it’s less obvious … We can rely on the complexion and adjust according to the color of the eyes.

There is no universal rule, Roman temper, it is case by case. To color a color to bring out blue eyes, for example, does not work systematically. In some women, there is a risk of hardening the features. “

The only thing that works every time: warm up a pale complexion with hints of honey, copper or caramel. And between two tones, always choose the clearest.

Once I started, am I obliged to continue?
Let’s be honest, coloring is not an innocuous gesture since oxidation transforms the nature of the hair. “We replace natural pigments with synthetic pigments,” explains Romain.

But this is not the beginning of slavery! The frequency of the interview depends on two criteria: the more you have white hair, the more you move away from your natural base, the sooner it will start again (every 3 to 5 weeks).

In some cases, a “revision” every 2 months can be enough, and more often if you have chosen a natural coloring whose pigments only coat the hair.

The new colors already ready, how does it work?

Make your color without fear of missing the preparation … frankly, we did not dare to dream! These ready-to-use formulas that automatically deliver the mixture in a single press are a real feat, which took years of research.

The principle: a high-tech double pack and patented micro valves ensuring the ideal balance between the activating gel and the coloring gel at the time of their release.

We just have to shake twenty times the spray and press the cap to deposit the unctuous foam on the hair. You can even use the rest of the bottle for touch-ups.

Can I go from brown to platinum myself? Or the opposite ?
No need to procrastinate, it is indisputably no! You can of course make a change at home, but only two or three tones maximum.

Indeed, “beyond, it must be done at a professional. And the coloring sometimes even requires two sessions so the work is painstaking, “insists Christophe Robin.

Anyway, before launching, it advises to try on wigs, because the extremes are sometimes very hard for the face, especially after 35 years …

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