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Right to a birth bonus?

All future mothers, including single mothers, receive a birth bonus at the time of their 7th month of pregnancy.

To receive the 923 euros 08 of the premium, you must have declared your pregnancy in the first 14 weeks with the CAF, and your resources from the previous year must not exceed the ceilings (46 014 euros per year for a single parent) waiting for one child, 52,978 euros for the second, and 61,335 euros for the third).

Right to family allowances?
Single mothers are, of course, entitled to family allowances, just like any parent. In addition, the PAJE, a childcare benefit, is paid for any child under 3 years of age, starting with the month of birth.

Its amount is 184 euros 62 to date. You will also benefit from the back to school allowance (ARS) if you receive less than 23,687 euros per year (for a dependent child).

If you are already a beneficiary, CAF will pay you automatically. It is 360 to 394 euros depending on the age of your child. In addition, as a single parent, the income ceilings for other benefits such as the family extra charge are increased by around € 8000 per year.

Right to lone parent allowance?
The lone parent allowance has recently been replaced by the RSA, active solidarity income. Thus, future and young mothers under the age of 25 can benefit from this income, whether they are employed or not. Its amount may be increased under certain conditions.

Right to a place in a nursery?
The conditions for allocating childcare places remain unclear and variable from one commune to another. On the other hand, they are often attributed according to the personal and professional situation of the young parents, and the urgency of their request for custody.

Some cities prioritize single parent files; it is therefore an element to specify at the time of your request of place.

Right to stop working?
Like single mothers, single mothers have the right to temporarily stop working to take parental leave. In case of cessation of activity, you will receive 388 euros 19 euros per month (572 euros 81 if you do not have the basic allowance PAJE.)

For a period to be determined at the time of taking parental leave, 6 month to 3 years. From the 3rd child, you can opt for the COLCA – optional supplement of free choice of activity) in the amount of 634 euros 53. Good to know: your employer can not refuse your parental leave, which suspends your contract of job.

Right to housing HLM?
Like the nursery, the conditions for allocating social housing remain unclear. The urgency of your family situation may plead in your favor, do not deprive you to mention it on your file. Nevertheless, in case of refusal, it is possible to receive a social housing allowance, a personalized housing allowance or a family housing allowance. Inquire at your family allowance fund.

Right to a family support allowance?
The family support allowance is a specific allowance, reserved for mothers whose children are fatherless, or whose father has not completed the formal recognition process. Paid every month, it is an amount of 88 euros.

Right to an alimony?
While single or divorced mothers generally receive child support, they may be unpaid. In this case, it is possible to initiate legal proceedings. With an enforceable title in hand, to ask the judge, you can directly contact a bailiff.

He will take care of the payment procedures and his expenses will be borne by the bad payer. Be careful, to deprive the father of a right of access or of lodging would entail a “no presentation of child”, better not to launch this gear and to be satisfied with the legal voices.

Right to family mediation?
Because it is never too late to live a serene family life, family mediation can be useful. It is about a meeting with professionals trained in the management of the difficult moments (separation, divorce, family conflicts …) Many mediation meetings are proposed in CAF or in town halls, do not hesitate to inquire: they are often free.

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