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The miracle of gray hair shampoo Your first white hair has just appeared and you’re in a panic.

It is not necessary to make you a blood of ink: know that nobody escapes it. The first reflex is to hide your white hair with a tone-on-tone color.

But when they begin to cover more than half of your hair, it may be time to accept the reality and let them live instead of fighting them.

It will then be necessary to review all your beauty routine because the white hair requires specific care adapted to their fragile nature. Schwarzkopf today introduces you to shampoos for gray hair.

Why does white hair require specific gray hair care?
Know that the appearance of the first white hair has nothing to do with age since genetic factors are taken into account.

You can see your hair turn white at 25 years old as at 45 years old. But what really happens when this happens and why do our hair need specific gray and white hair care? Simply because the structure of the hair fiber itself is changed.

When your cells stop secreting melanin, which causes pigmentation, your hair turns white. But there are other changes: your hair becomes drier, brittle, thicker or thinner and may even frizz.

It also happens that white hair turns yellow, especially among blondes. That’s why there are shampoos for gray hair that allow you to get rid of your hair, to keep a white intact.

The shampoo for gray hair for a hair of a bright white
White hair oxidizes on contact with UV, heat, seawater and pollution. Result? A hair that turns yellow, losing all its vitality and radiance.

The solution lies in the gray hair shampoo, also called purple shampoo, a recognized blond hair care. This skincare treatment specially designed to fight against yellow reflections will revive the whiteness of your hair while shaping the hair fiber.

In addition, this care for gray hair will make them more flexible and stronger, allowing you to fully accept your silver hair. But this shampoo is an extra help and does not replace your daily beauty routine.

Thus, you can use it once a month and you can turn to hair care adapted to your hair nature the rest of the time.

It is important to note that the pause time of a shampoo for gray hair should not exceed 3 minutes at the risk of seeing purple and blue reflections.

What care for my gray hair?
White hair is more fragile, more brittle and particularly sensitive to external aggressions. So you can afford to use and abuse masks and care for gray hair in great shape.

As for your skin, focus on hydration! Care adapted to mature hair will help counter hormonal changes and help preserve the keratin of your hair.

There are even anti-aging serums without rinsing that will restore density and brightness to the most damaged white hair.

Finally, before going out, effectively protect your hair against ultraviolet rays with a UV spray to be applied every day.

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