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the pink of Morocco through its impact on the female beauty, the beauty of the ground and the biodiversity.

its history and of its attachment to the Moroccan ground the beauty of the Moroccan ground and the beauty of the place of the woman in becoming in Morocco.

It is together that we can make flower the direction of the beauty.! Benefits of the Rose on the female beauty: flowers originating in Morocco east one of the oldest pinks in the world.

Mythical and timeless, it is the emblem of the goddess of the love and the beauty. It heats the heart and invites to the authentic exchange.

Its use goes back to the great civilizations such as Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is since the night of times recognized for her many virtues.

The Pink of Morocco to the flowered and cordial note has the power to insufflate with the skin all his petrol of life. Its amazing virtues have a power regenerating on the cutaneous level, comforting at the level emotional and alleviating on the energy level.

The essential oil flowers of women known as “Oils of flower” The essential oil of pink is known since antiquity for its revitalizing power. Its flowered perfume and very refined makes travel the spirit in the middle of the Valley of the pinks, in edge of the large Moroccan desert.

Its power alleviating and nutritive made essential oil of the pink of women, a single care to prevent and attenuate the signs of time. At the same time comforting and releasing, the essential oil of the pink develops the female sensuality and “to release it taken”.

One allots to the pink of women the virtues to control the emotions of the heart. This “oil of pink” would act as much on the self-love as the love of the other.

The secular effectiveness and the scarcity of this essential oil, make of it the essential oil most expensive of the world! Component of the Serum Rebirth, it confers all its benefits to him.

The floral water of the Rose known as “Rose water” Produced starting from the rose petals coldly gathered, floral water with the fresh and delicate perfume of the pink is a true source of wellness. The rose water carries the universal message of love and lightness. Its secrecy, an intoxicating perfume which leaves a fine layer on the skin the such dew of the morning on these pretty flowers of the desert.

Recognized for its alleviating and invigorating virtues, it is appropriate for all the types of skin. The rose water brings a feeling of comfort while helping the skin to purify, soften and quite naturally to hydrate themselves. Cultivated with the doors of the desert, the pink of women transmits to the skin all its potential of beauty and softness

Today the pink develops thanks to the women who cultivate it with love and in the respect of the ground. While beginning in the culture of the pink of Morocco, harvest and distillation, the women develop the pink of the desert as much as their place in the company.

They exceed their role of housewife, gain in financial independence and social status. They become thus craftsmen of their life and contribute as much to the blooming of nature, as with their personal and family blooming. Each year, at the first days of May, the harvest of the pink of women announces the arrival of spring.

It is an event crowned for all the Valley of the Rose who takes again life. The women meet before the paddle to gather with the hand the pinks of the desert coldly hatched.

They are directly forwarded to the Cooperative, where they with one are delicately sorted before being distilled with the steam. Distillation are collected two matters in the following proportions:

the floral water of the pink of women (1L requires 1KG of petals) the essential oil of the pink of women (1L requires 7000KG of petals, that is to say 7Tonnes) By taking care of our body with the essential ones of beauty with the secular and respectful effectiveness of the ground, we act as conscience to nourish our beauty while preserving the beauty of the ground.

We support an economy interdependent in direct link with the female Cooperatives of Morocco.

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